Essence Oils

We supply essential oils ranging from spicy, floral and fragrant to fruity aromas. Our essentials oils can be used for food application, skincare and beauty products, fragrance enhancing and aromatherapy.

Seed and Nut-Based Oils

Almond Oil

Application: 8-10%

Hazel Nut Oil

Application: 8-10%

Carrot Seed Oil

Application: 8-10%

Peach Kernal Oil

Application: 8-10%

Grape Seed Oil

Application: 8-10%

Walnut Oil

Application: 8-10%

Other Essential Oils

Spice Based Essential Oils
Fruit Based Essential Oils
Flower Based Essential Oils
Fragrant & Functional Essential Oils
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A unit of KPJ Export House

Based in Delhi, India

Established since 1987


Tel.: +91 9810-434-560,

         +91 9810-915-660

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